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January 16th

Roger O'Brien



Jim Webb





It's been 52 years since Theodore Maiman made the first visible laser and its invention has had far reaching consequences to our technology and lives.

This will be a technical, non-technical and fun talk about the technology - with real lasers on hand for some entertainment!

Images show Jim working with lasers on two different episodes of the BBC Horizon science series.


Jerry Stone


In 2006, the International Astronomical Union, declared that "Pluto Is No Longer A Planet!"
But were they right? This talk looks in detail at this thorny question, covering the IAU definition of a planet and its unintended consequences.  Jerry can make a case for 13, 14 or even 21 planets in our Solar System, and alternatively can show why there are actually only  3 … and that does not include the Earth!!!  

This is his most controversial presentation to date, and includes things that one astronomer has told him he should not be saying!

Mat Irvine


June 5th

Jim Webb & Alister Innes


We will be attempting, yet again, to hold our 'first Observing Evening' - as the initial one was rained off, as was the proposed one on 29th May

This will be at the new site in Barnet and run by Chairman Jim Webb and Membership Secretary Alister Innes. The site is Old Elizabethans Memorial Playing Fields, Gypsy Corner, Mays Lane, Barnet EN5 2AG. This is about as dark a site as one is likely to get within the general area, so we hope it is going to turn out OK!

For Details and Maps - click here

Jim Webb (below) & Alister Innes



Summer Break

No meeting this month


Summer Break

No meeting this month

Jim Webb and Alister Innes



A change of subject for this meeting. The Farnborough 'Space Round Up' will be next month with the AGM. This month will now be an Observing Meeting at our new Observing Site

For Details and Maps - click here


Farnborough 2014

No meeting this month