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Conjunction of the young crescent Moon and Venus
3rd December 2106

Photo: Mat Irvine


TRANSIT of MERCURY : 9th May 2016

Above - image taken at 15.07hrs. Mercury is the small dot lower left. A large sunpot group can be seen centre right.

Photo : Mat Irvine, taken by the projection method (right)

Above right, image taken at 13.37hrs (time stamp is UTC), Mercury can just be made out around the
9 o'clock position

Photo : Dave Starling, taken through a 135mm lens with Sun filters

Jupiter-Venus 1st

Venus (the brighter) and Jupiter as photographed 1st July 2015, one day past their closest approach.


Photo : Jim Webb

Venus, the lower and brighter, and Jupiter at their closest approach 30th June 2015.

At this point they are about 20 arc minutes apart, which 1/3 degree, and to give some indication of scale, the full Moon is 1/2 degree in dimameter.

Photo : Mat Irvine

Venus_Jupiter 30th

Jupiter and Venus, forming a triangle with the crescent Moon on 20th June 2015


Photo : Dave Starling

The Moon photographed using the camera in a cell phone


Photo : Jim Webb

Solar Partial 2015

Maximium Partial Solar Eclipse as seen from the UK 20th March 2015


Photo : Tony Goddard

Almost midway for the Annular Eclipse of the Sun, May 2012

This was taken in Arizona 18.35 20th May 2012, local time, which was 02.35 21st UTC

Photo : Mat Irvine

For more details see the June 2012 issue of 2002

Solar Annular 2012
2012 Transit of Venus

Above : the final stages of the 2012 Transit of Venus from the UK, 6th June. 05.35 BST (04.35 UT)

Venus is just visible as a small dot at about the 1 o'clock position

Photo : Mat Irvine

For more details see the June 2012 issue of 2002

Right: How to view the Sun safely - the projection method, here following the progress of the Total Solar Eclipse of 2006, taken from Turkey.

A 2" / 50mm refractor used to project the image onto a screen.

Below: Totality - the photo on the right shows why this part is called 'The Diamond Ring Effect'!

Photos : Mat Irvine

Projecting the image
Total Eclipse 2006 Total Ecipse 2006

Comet Hale Bopp, photographed in 1997

Photo : Mat Irvine



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