Astronomical Society of Haringey

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Heather Couper


1949 - 2020

A great friend of the ASH

Heather died 19th February 2020 after a short illness
She was 70

See 2002 March 2020

Two people prominently connected to the Society

Fred Clarke


1921 - 2013

Founder and President of the ASH

Fred died on 22nd April 2013

He was 93

see 2002 May 2012

Patrick Moore


1923 - 2012

Who suggested the formation of the ASH

Patrick died 9th December 2012

He was 89

see 2002 January 2012

Besides being an inspiration to an incredible number of people - many of whom went on to become professional astronomers, scientists, engineers, even astronauts - Patrick Moore was directly instrumental in the creation of the ASH.

In 1970 Fred Clarke had organised a Space Age Exhibition in Wood Green, north London, for anyone 'interested in space and astronomy'.

As part of this he arranged for Patrick to give a talk to an assembled group of school children. However this was so over-subscribed, that Patrick ended up giving not the one talk, but FOUR throughout the day.

At the end he turned to Fred and said that "As there seems to be so much interest, you ought to start an astronomical society"

So Fred did...

Jack Sharp


1924 - 2015

Jack, a founder member of the Society, died on 9th October, aged 91.

Gordon Harding


1928 - 2014

Roy Goldsmith


1931 - 2014

We lost two people associated with the Society early in 2014
Gordon Harding was long time member of the Society and, for many years, the Treasurer.
Gordon died on 17th February 2014

Roy Goldsmith, regular speaker to the Society, died on 26th February 2014

There are tributes to both in the March 2014 issue of 2002