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The next virtual meeting will be
May 20
, 2021
at 19.00hrs / 7.00pm


“The Appley Brige Meterorite”

This is the fascinating story of the fall and find of the Appley Bridge meteorite in 1914 as told through newspaper reports and archive documents of the time.

It tells the story of the confusion with enemy Zeppelins, the confiscation of the meteorite by the police and its subsequent release for analysis.

Russell has many previously unseen photographs of the meteorite and images provided by various organisations around the World.


see meetings for details

The method of running the virtual meetings is still under discussion
Currently we seem to be favouring TEAMS
But whatever is used, members will be emailed a URL to connect them to the relevant website

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Due to current regulations, the idea of holding an Observing Evening has had to be put on hold at the current time

Please continue to 'watch this space'!


when we can meet 'live' again,
the venue is -
Ye Olde Mitre Inne
58 High Street
High Barnet

Go through the main bar to the very end!

Mitre Inne




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